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Mormon Church is a Cult, Mormonism is a Cult - and here is the truth and scholarly research that proves Mormons are a cult!
Mormon Church is a Cult, Mormonism is a Cult - and here is the truth and scholarly research that proves Mormons are a cult!


To Understand Mormonism and the Mormon Cult, You Need to Study It!

You can rant all day long about "Mormon Cult", but if you don't understand the religion and its people, you'll sound like an idiot when you talk to them. Whether you mind the fact that Mormonism is a cult or not, and whether you object to Mormons or not, you ought to be familiar with what they teach. Here are the sources I suggest for starters:

Official LDS Sources of Information

Other Resources

LDS (Mormon Cult) Blogs

Español (Yes, the Mormon Cult - o Culta de los Mormones - has Spanish-speaking members, too!)


What to Do If You Are Mormon

You may be troubled to learn that you are a cult member, even though you sincerely believe yourself to be a devout Christian. That's OK, because the scholarly definition of cult makes all Christians cult members as well. You don't necessarily need to do anything, but if you are really troubled by this discovery, as I was, you may wish to consider an expensive form of therapy. Coming soon, we'll be offering online therapy to help current and former Mormons deal with their Cult Identification Syndrome.

Mormons vs. Christianity?

"Mormons vs. Christianity" - what's the problem here? Mormons are members of a cult, yes, just like other Christians. But if you want to use a special definition of cult that doesn't apply to your church while nailing Mormons, look out! Chances are that your definition condemns the early Christians of the New Testament. For example, some say a "cult is anyone who claims to have revelation, or anyone who adds new scripture." Hello, ever heard of the NEW Testament? Right - it was new scripture at the time. Or a cult is "any religion generally regarded as false." Yes, we fall in that category, just like Christ and the early Christians did. There's a reason Christ was crucified and the early Christians were so heavily persecuted. Their teachings were generally regarded as false and even dangerous and blasphemous by the leaders of the Jewish state and by the Romans, Greeks, and others. I suggest just playing fair and facing the shocking truth: Mormons belong to a cult, like Christians everywhere. And I'm cool with that.

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