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Mormon Church is a Cult, Mormonism is a Cult - and here is the truth and scholarly research that proves Mormons are a cult!
Mormon Church is a Cult, Mormonism is a Cult - and here is the truth and scholarly research that proves Mormons are a cult!


About MormonCult.org: The Truth About Cults, Including the Mormon Cult

MormonCult.org is the work of a high-ranking Mormon, one who has ascended to some of the loftiest and most desired ranks in Mormondom, including Sunday School Instructor, Primary Worker, roadshow cast member, and Senior Home Teaching Companion.

I was ordained to the Priesthood by a man who was ordained by someone who later became one of the top General Authorities of the Church. I have personally met with some of the most famous Mormon leaders such as Ezra Taft Benson (he spoke at our Stake Conference when I was 16 and he shook hands and greeted me warmly).

I was closely connected to the Osmond family (I dated who girl who once went out with Donny Osmond, and my father once met some of the Osmonds). I have also been close to famous Mormon Mitt Romney, having attended his LDS Stake while on vacation once and having gotten really close to the TV screen when he was debating President Obama. Yes, I was as true blue Mormon as they come.

Yet in spite of such connections and years of training in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this Mormon was forced to confront the truth about the status of the Mormon Church as a cult -- the Mormon Cult. This confrontation came after reading a book cherished by most Mormons as authoritative and definitive on numerous topics, a book with origins close to the Book of Mormon in both space and time by a man, who, like Joseph Smith, had a prominent Biblical name, Noah.

Reading that book--as I describe elsewhere on this site--clearly gave the definition for cult that no Mormon can honestly refute or dispute. This Website is my attempt to share that truth. The truth may shake up some Mormons, and may also shake up critics of the Mormons, who may be surprised to find out what that authoritative book has to say on other aspects of Christianity. The truth about cults may be too much for some to handle--but if you dare, please read Page 2: Mormonism Exposed as a Cult! Can you handle the truth??

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First served in May 2007. Most recently reheated, stirred and seasoned on Jan. 10, 2009.

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