The Popularity Test:
Cults Are "Generally Regarded as False"

Mormon Church is a Cult, Mormonism is a Cult - and here is the truth and scholarly research that proves Mormons are a cult!
Mormon Church is a Cult, Mormonism is a Cult - and here is the truth and scholarly research that proves Mormons are a cult!


The Mormon Cult: "Generally Regarded as False"

Here at we recognize that there are a variety of modern definitions used to describe "cults" that go beyond the generic meaning of the word recognized in orthodox dictionaries. A popular modern definition of cult, one associated with spooky overtones, is any religious organization "that is generally regarded as false." In other word, a cult is a religion that isn't popular, or that has a minority status. Comfortable with that?

I'll be blunt: The Mormon faith -- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints -- is generally regarded as false, especially by those who aren't members. Those who regard it as true usually become Mormons right away, if they can. So we can take it for granted that those who aren't Mormon will regard the Mormons as wrong in some way - and thus false. And since less than 1% of the human population of the earth is LDS, we can assume that over 99% doesn't accept it as true and thus generally regards it as false. Q.E.D. Mormons are a cult. So yes, you can be frightened now.

But the reason you should be frightened is because this definition of cult, like almost all others, cuts more than one way. If minority status - perhaps coupled with general unpopularity - is all it takes to be a cult, then what can we say for Jesus? His teachings were pretty widely rejected by His own people in his day. He had a handful of disciples, but the Jews generally regarded His teachings as false. In fact, they crucified him, as you'll recall, and the crowds called for His execution while demanding the release of a murderer, Barabbas. And it wasn't just the Jews that rejected Christ and early Christianity. The Romans and the Greeks had plenty of trouble with that cultish religion. It was persecuted and despised.

So Jesus Christ founded a cult. Early Christians were members of a cult. Members of the Mormon cult can at least count themselves in good company.

So tell me, what religion do you belong to? I hope it's one that is generally regarded as true. One that has over 50% of the earth's population, I trust.

Want salvation? Follow the crowds! Otherwise you'll be hanging with a cult. But if you must be part of a cult, why not try the Mormon Cult? Hey, it worked for me!

But wait - you're probably wondering what kind of cult Mormonism is, right? They may be a cult, just like Baptists, Luthernas, and Catholics, but are they a Christian cult? Well, that's where things get a bit controversial. As with "cult" itself, so much depends on your definition. I say absolutely, but if you pick your definition carefully, you can say they aren't. How? I actually show you how in my next expose: Are Mormons a Christian Cult? Tips For Anti-Mormons.


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