The Mormon Church:
Christian, Cult, or Both?

Mormon Church is a Cult, Mormonism is a Cult - and here is the truth and scholarly research that proves Mormons are a cult!
Mormon Church is a Cult, Mormonism is a Cult -  scholarly research that proves Mormons are a cult!
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The Mormon Cult: The Truth about Mormons and Christianity

I had been a "true-blue" Mormon for over thirty years before I found the absolute proof that the Mormon Church is a cult. I had been in denial for all those years, but now I couldn't escape the facts. Not lies and rhetoric from angry ministers threatened by Mormon success, but cold, hard, objective, scholarly proof from a source accepted by most Mormons. On this site, I'll show you the evidence and show you how to use it to open the minds of Mormons or anybody interested in understanding the truth about cults, Mormonism, and Christianity in general.

Mormons aren't the only ones surprised by the evidence. Many non-Mormons have friends and relatives who are Mormon, and based on their experience, they just can't believe their ministers when they tell them that Mormons are a cult. Here's a typical story:

"The Mormon Cult" and "The Cult of Mormons vs. Christianity" - these are themes I heard from my pastor years ago who ranted against Mormon beliefs and the menace of "Mormonism," but I could never believe him. I knew Mormons, and they seemed so nice, so "Christian." The Mormon cult members (OK - members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) told me they believed in Christ, they told me they worshipped Christ, and they really seemed to talk and act like Christians. For me, they seemed like the kind of people we should welcome in our society. A little different, yes, but to me, their main faults seemed to be fear of alcohol and refusal to party on Sunday. Not great dancers, either, but a cult? Yet "Mormons are a cult" was what I heard at church and read in my Christian bookstore - but those books seemed so biased and (sorry) a little extreme. They seemed to describe a different people than the Mormons I knew. There is no way that I could believe they were a cult - until you showed me the evidence! LOL! Now I know better! Now I understand the Mormons are a cult - and thanks to you, even my Mormon friends agree!"

After being able to prove to myself and others that Mormons are a cult, I was faced with some difficult decisions. Suffice it to say that I'm still Mormon. I have not had my name removed from the records of the Church. I still attend each week. And I still believe in what the Church taught me: I believe in Jesus Christ and that salvation comes through His Atonement and mercy, and that we should have faith and trust in Him and follow Him. But shouldn't I leave now that I know Mormonism is a cult? Well, that's the problem. Is there a better cult out there? You'll understand my dilemma when you read the evidence I discovered, and understand what it means for all of us.


My Discovery: The Scholarly Book that Proves the Mormon Church is a Cult

As a Mormon, I had been taught that the founder of our church was a prophet of God, Joseph Smith, who was called by Christ to restore the Church of Christ on the earth. And I sincerely believed in Christ, worshipped Christ, and was taught to have faith in Christ. I certainly won't deny that. But when the Mormon Church--the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--was founded in 1830, was it a actually Christian church or some kind of cult? Or, if possible, both?

To answer that question, I wanted to know if the Mormons really were a cult, not just today based on modern definitions, but in 1830 and throughout the history of the Church. So many ministers of other faiths have insisted that it was a cult from day one - but what was in that church nearly two centuries ago that qualified it as a cult? Obviously, my first question had to be "What is a cult?" But it is not enough to ask modern pastors for their definition because they are obviously threatened by the growth of Mormonism and want to make sure they use--or create--a definition that nails the Mormons. Many seem to have a working definition of cult as "anything I disagree with." That's not especially helpful.

So what did "cult" mean in the past? Is there an objective, scholarly way of answering that question, so that we can settle once and for all the real question that the world needs to know: Is the Mormon church really a cult, based on objective criteria that existed before ministers started using the "cult" label when railing against the Mormons as competitors?

Folks, you're about to see the best, most objective evidence on this question right here for the first time. And once you examine it, I think you will agree that YES, MORMONS ARE A CULT. MORMONISM IS A CULT. LATTER-DAY SAINTS ARE A CULT. AND EVEN THEIR MOST VERBOSE AND ELOQUENT DEFENDERS ARE FORCED TO AGREE!

Yes, you got that right. Mormons who have looked at the evidence I'm about to present agree! They accept my primary source as authoritative, scholarly, and largely objective. They accept the criteria it established--years before "Mormons" were troubling nervous ministers--as fair and objective. And they accept--or have been forced to accept--the conclusion that CANNOT BE AVOIDED: MORMONS ARE A CULT.

Keep reading to see the proof that Mormons are a cult.

It may shock you and trouble you like it did me, but I ask you - whether you are Mormon, exMormon, anti-Mormon, pro-Mormon, Baptist-Mormon, Romney-Mormon or whatever - I ask you to open your mind and sincerely, honestly consider the irrefutable evidence I am about to present about the LDS cult. I did not make it up. It has meaning for all of us. Especially for those who are concerned about the possibility that Mormon cultists are in their midst.

As part of my service here, I'll even show you how to better minister to your Mormon friends in love. I'll show you a simple series of questions - just two or three - that you can ask to catch them in a snare of love that will PROVE to them once and for all that yes, Mormons are a cult.

To see the impressive, complete, and inerrant proof that Mormons are a cult, go to Page 2: Mormonism Exposed as a Cult!



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